DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier

DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier is used in a variety of ways, to contain Japanese Knotweed:

Vertically, to prevent the lateral development of rhizomes and to protect services and/or to prevent ingress from neighbouring sites.

Horizontally, to protect buildings and paved surfaces.

To avoid the very expensive process of transporting contaminated soil (resulting from excavation to obtain formation levels) to a licensed waste facility. Instead, the soil is retained within the site, re-buried in another location and totally sealed within a `cell` created with DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier.

Remember, clearing a site can be thousands of times more expensive than protecting it with DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier.

Due to investment in larger storage facilities, we can offer a wider range of sizes, from 1m x 10m to 30m x 30m, readily available for despatch.

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Stand Number: 5Q70