Marlan Maritime Technologies

Why make do with nearshore surveys annually, when you can have continuous survey?

Marlan reveal our new 4D-Synoptic bathymetric & hydrographic monitoring service.
After 7-years of R&D and multiple innovation awards, we are thrilled to bring you our game-changing service which will revolutionise bathymetric/topographic & hydrodynamic survey of the difficult intertidal-nearshore.
Traditionally, continuous monitoring of beaches, bars & estuaries has been difficult, dangerous & expensive. Never-before-available, Synoptic enables hydrographers, dredging contractors, coastal management engineers, ports & windfarms to see change almost as it happens.
Whatever the weather (almost) we observe the nearshore from the shore, so you don't need to worry about staff being drowned, drones, ASVs or quadbikes being destroyed or lost.
Helping you to understand where sea meets land, will allow you to make more robust decisions by using evidence to support your understanding of sedimentary geomorphological processes, saving you time, worry and money.
Synoptic is delivered as a subscription service. We take care of our shore-based sensors which continuously monitor your coast through storms and sunshine and deliver you the processed survey data and supporting metadata every 2-weeks as standard.

Get in touch to discuss how we can meet your monitoring needs. +44 (0)151 6020304 @MarlanMaritime

Stand Number: 4C101